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  • How Fertility Care Works

How does Fertility Care and NaPro Technology work?


NaProTechnology uses the biomarkers identified by the Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System to recognize health and disease. These biomarkers are “an authentic language of a woman’s health and fertility.” When the reproductive system functions abnormally, NaProTechnology identifies the underlying problem and co-operates with the menstrual and fertility cycles, corrects the condition, maintain the human ecology and sustain the procreative potential.


  • Tracking these biomarkers during regular FertilityCare follow-ups provides valid information for the woman and the medical consultant
  • The biomarkers monitor easily and objectively the occurrence of various hormonal events during the menstrual cycle. NaProTracking provides valid information that can be interpreted by a woman and by medical consultants who are specifically trained in this system.
  • Co-operative: not suppressive or destructive like other approaches
  • Women can now be full partners in their reproductive and gynecological healthcare